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Cosmic Byte Titania RGB Gaming Headset with Flexible Microphone with Separate Audio and Mic Jack (Black)

Cosmic Byte Titania RGB Gaming Headset with Flexible Microphone with Separate Audio and Mic Jack (Black)

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The Cosmic Byte Titania RGB Gaming Headset is a high-quality and stylish headset designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts. Its sleek black design with RGB lighting accents gives it a futuristic and dynamic appearance.


The headset features a flexible microphone that can be easily adjusted to your preferred position, ensuring crystal-clear communication with your teammates during intense gaming sessions. The microphone is detachable, allowing you to use the headset as regular headphones for other multimedia purposes when needed.


One notable feature of the Cosmic Byte Titania headset is the separate audio and microphone jacks. This means it's compatible with devices that have separate audio input and output ports, commonly found on gaming PCs and older gaming consoles. The separate jacks ensure that you can get the best audio and microphone performance without compromising on quality.


The large, soft ear cups are designed to provide maximum comfort during long gaming sessions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game without discomfort or fatigue. The headset also offers excellent noise isolation, helping you stay focused on the game and shutting out distractions from the outside world.


Sound quality is a top priority in gaming, and the Cosmic Byte Titania doesn't disappoint. With its powerful drivers, you can expect rich and immersive sound, enhancing your gaming experience and giving you a competitive edge.


The RGB lighting on the headset adds a touch of flair, providing customizable lighting effects that can sync with your gaming setup or preference. Whether you want a calming ambient glow or an intense pulsating light show, you have the freedom to choose your desired lighting effect.


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