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iBall Musi Duet W9 Wireless Portable Speaker (Black)

iBall Musi Duet W9 Wireless Portable Speaker (Black)

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The iBall Musi Duet W9 is a wireless portable speaker with an design. With the TWS technology, you get a double bonanza of two speakers, which can work independently or paired for an even greater audio experience. Get ready to be immersed in the perfect sound of your favorite songs!

About this item

  • .iBall Musi Duet - this exclusive set of two speakers with TWS technology is what we rightly refer to a ‘double bonanza’!
  • Enjoy the perfect representation of engineering brilliance that lets you explore the true multi-dimensional sound, in timeless minimalist design
  • Tasteful fabrication with real textile renders it the fetching look making it apt for occasions ranging from a casual to a chic one
  • The smooth & prompt interconnection between the duplet accounts for its convenience. Strong on the Bass, but light in Weight – Musi Duet is the custom-made, portable party fix!
  • Vendor- Mobi



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